Sunday, July 27, 2008

First ride

As a destination for my first true ride, we choose the medieval city called Sighisoara. This is a photo in the covered stairs of the city.

Night flies fast, and in the morning our friend offers us a traditional Romanian breakfast. Vegetables come directly from his garden.
Chairs are not for us. The meal is great, all food is 100% natural and tasty.
Starting an off road bike.
Traveling on a bike can be tiring, but it is beautiful.
Classical Transylvanian landscape.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

First thoughts

We, Romanians, are a very inventive nation. We don't create a problem out of a parking place. We can find them everywhere among the communist neighborhoods.

Our mountains are so beautiful... the silence and the landscapes are amazing. The legends rule over the mists and you can feel it everywhere.
And we know how to take care of the mountains well, so every "vitun turisti" can enjoy.
The translation of that would be: the forests reflect the moral and material condition of a nation.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Trip from Finland to Romania

Second time, by car, straight South from Tampere to Cluj-Napoca, this time as a vacation. First stop is Tallinn, with its pretty old town. Always a pleasure to visit and walk around. We don't forget to stop at "Beer House" where they have one of the best beers I have tasted.

Do you have enough money? He has...A stop in Kaunas, Lithuania. No, it's not Kosovo or Baghdad, it's Kaunas...

... right across the street from this one.
The statue of what? Of a man.
This is something all Romanians should try...
The best looking place in Kaunas, trees are cut like in Paris and cars are not allowed.
This is to remind you that even Poland built a car once... called Polonez... and still working.
We have a joke with this hamburger guitar, but it requires gestures.
I simply love war machines... while not @ wörk. This is the famous T34, from Russian side.

This is Russian plane, I don't know any make or model.
But yes, I would like to fly on its wings.
And here, we proudly present, the victory against fascism and the 3rd Reich. Thank God they won! Who know where we (eastern block) would be today without our friends, who used to roam around eastern Europe in their T34s? Certainly somewhere else, closer to the present maybe.
This "statue" still stands in Slovakia, symbolizing the big thank we all (eastern Europe) owe to Mother Russia and Mr. Churchill.